Tuned Cars

Tuned car setups go here. Also list the racing events in A-Spec that your car would just completely dominate in. >:]

Formula Gran Turismo - tboneDX

nZizl.jpg This is the tune that I used for the A-Spec Formula Gran Turismo World Championship. I used a TCS 4 setting to make 20+ minute races more bearable. Make sure to change the car's oil after an event, it gets dirty quickly. This tune will allow you to relatively easily take gold in the series, but it's very difficult to get first on each event in one run. Try to keep as much speed as you can through the high speed corners, as this car generates a massive amount of downforce.

Acura NSX RM '91 - tboneDX

U8tdF.jpg This car was originally tuned for the week 2 GTCC at Le Mans. The competition had a limit of 404hp and a minimum weight of 1000kg. This car excels at maintaining high speed through corners in dry conditions, but can become a handful in the rain. The car boasts an exceptional top speed on the straights, an will reach its maximum only when drafting. The lowered ride height and modified suspension help with stability when accelerating out of chicanes.

BMW 2002 Turbo '73 - tboneDX

jUZ63.jpg This is my entry for the week 3 GTCC, 150hp 900kg class. It's currently a work in progress.

Maserati Gran Turismo S'08 - sclark13

2snmf.jpg This car is good for Professional races, and many of the Expert races. It handles very well around turns, with a slight backslip that accelerates more than slides. Increasing the speed by a large amount makes the car unstable at lower speeds. Bumpy straightaways may require some spring rate tuning or even increasing the ride height. It is also recommended to drive with Traction Control set to 4 or 5, ASM set to Strong, and ABS at 1.

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