National B License

1. 200M Stopping Challenge
Get used to how a car accelerates and brakes by bringing the car to a halt in the stopping area 200m down the track. The time will not stop until you have come to a complete standstill, and you will need to take care not to leave the track or overrun the stopping area, as both will result in instant failure.

Car: Toyota VITZ RS 1.5 '07
Track: The Top Gear Test Track

gold.png: 0:13.300
silver.png: 0:13.600
bronze.png: 0:15.000

2. Steering
Practice your steering technique on a high-speed right-hand corner on Tokyo's Route 246. The main aim here is to get a feel for how much the car will turn when you turn the steering wheel. Use the driving line, and try to reach the finish line without crashing.

Car: Alfa Romeo 147 TI 2.0 TWIN SPARK '06
Track: Tokyo R246

gold.png: 0:22.200
silver.png: 0:22.600
bronze.png: 0:25.000

3. "Out-In-Out" – The Most Basic Cornering Line
Practice the basic "out-in-out" cornering line. This involves approaching the corner from the outside edge of the track, then aiming for the inside edge while turning the corner, and finally moving back to the ouside edge on the way out. The main benefit of this is that it allows the corner to be taken at the shallowest possible angle requiring the smallest amount of steering wheel movement. Use the driving line as a reference point, and see if you can put the theory into practice.

Car: Suzuki SWIFT Sport '07
Track: Deep Forest Raceway

gold.png: 0:26.300
silver.png: 0:26.500
bronze.png: 0:28.500

4. Braking into a Corner
Here you can practice corner approach. You'll be coming from quite a high speed, so you'll need to brake quite sharply. Pick a reference point to help you finish braking while still on the straight, then take the corner without leaving the confines of the track.

Car: Honda CIVIC TYPE-R '08
Track: Autumn Ring

gold.png: 0:13.800
silver.png: 0:14.000
bronze.png: 0:16.000

5. Basic Cornering Theory – Slow In, Fast Out
"Slow in, fast out" is the most basic cornering concept of all, and here you will be putting it into practice. Basically, it involves slowing down sharply on the entrance to a corner, then applying the power in order to leave the bend as quickly as possible. Not only does this reduce lap times by minimising the time spent braking, but early acceleration ensures the quickest and most controlled exit from the corner, which can often prove invaluable. Try to picture in your mind the braking and acceleration phases as distinctly as you can.

Car: Peugeot 207 GTi '07
Track: Tsukuba Circuit

gold.png: 0:18.900
silver.png: 0:19.500
bronze.png: 0:21.000

6. Exiting From a Looping Corner
Attempt the Nürburgring GP course's relatively simple Dunlop Hairpin. This can be done using a combination of the "out-in-out" and "slow in, fast out" techniques, but be careful not to pick up too much speed on the downward slope just before the corner, or to overrun the turn.

Car: Renaultsport Megane Renault Sport '08
Track: Nürburgring GP/F

gold.png: 0:14.600
silver.png: 0:15.200
bronze.png: 0:17.500

7. High Speed Driving Lines and Accelerator Control
Drive through the set of small corners on the first half of the Autumn Ring to practice your steering and acceleration coordination. Take this right, left, left, right set as quickly as possible, without leaving the track. This cannot be done at full power, so you'll need to carefuly adjust your speed with some skilful accelerator work while steering throught the bends.

Car: Volkswagen Gold V GTi '05
Track: Autumn Ring

gold.png: 0:19.000
silver.png: 0:20.000
bronze.png: 0:23.500

8. Finding a Line Through an S Bend
Practice following a line through multiple corners. In this challenge you will be attempting the continuous right and left medium-speed corners on the mid-section of the High Speed Ring. The trick when traversing one corner after another is to always be planning ahead for the line you will be taking through the next corner. In this case, you should attempt to take the right-hand first corner while aiming to approach the left-hand second corner from as far to the outside of the track as possible. Try to reach the finish line without leaving the track.

Car: Honda S2000 '06
Track: High Speed Ring

gold.png: 0:21.100
silver.png: 0:21.600
bronze.png: 0:25.000

9. Overtaking Using Slipstreams
In this test, you'll be learning how to quickly pass an opponent using the most conventional overtaking method: slipstreaming. Slipstreaming involves using the area of low air resistance immediately behind the car in front to quickly build up acceleration. Use this technique to pass all the rival cars before the finish line without touching them.

Car: Mazda RX-8 Type S '07
Track: Fuji Speedway F

gold.png: 1st
silver.png: 2nd
bronze.png: 3rd

10. Indianapolis Superspeedway 1-Lap Battle
The final test for the B Licence is a 1-lap battle on the historic Indianapolis Superspeedway. Overtake as many cars as you can over the course of a single lap.

Car: Honda CR-Z α '10
Track: Superspeedway - Indy

gold.png: 1st
silver.png: 3rd
bronze.png: 9th

National B Licence Rewards
All gold.png: Tommy Kaira ZZ-S '00
All silver.png: Daihatsu OFC-1 Concept '07
All bronze.png: Mazda Deimo Sport '03