National A License

1. 400M Stopping Challenge
Bring the car to a halt as quickly as you can in the stopping area 400m down the track. You'll be able to pick up more speed than you did in B-1, and your braking distance will therefore be longer, so picking the right braking cue will be even more important in order to not overrun the stopping area.

Car: Audi TTS Coupe '09
Track: The Top Gear Test Track

gold.png: 0:16.300
silver.png: 0:17.000
bronze.png: 0:19.000

2. Approaching a Blind Corner
Get some experience with blind corners on the first 3 bends of the Rome City Course. Enter the high speed first corner, then apply full braking while approaching the tight second before carefully controlling your position on the road with some deft accelerator work to make it through the third. Do your best to make it to the finish line without crashing.

Car: Mazda Atenza Sport 252 '07
Track: Rome

gold.png: 0:27.000
silver.png: 0:27.400
bronze.png: 0:30.000

3. Cone Slalom
The aim in a cone slalom is to weave between the sets of cones and get to the finish line as quickly as possible. Touching or knocking over a cone will result in instant failure..

Car: Mini MINI COOPER S '07
Track: The Top Gear Test Track

gold.png: 0:20.000
silver.png: 0:21.000
bronze.png: 0:25.000

4. Tackling the Monza Circuit Chicane
Attempt the chicane on the Monza Circuit. A chicane is a set of tight corners designed to reduce speed. Because they are usually located after long full-acceleration sections, they often require hard braking. Try to take the chicane as quickly as possible without going too fast and losing control.

Car: BMW 135i Coupe '07
Track: Autodromo Nazionale Monza

gold.png: 0:18.900
silver.png: 0:20.000
bronze.png: 0:22.000

5. Tackling Continuous Urban Right-Angled Corners
City courses have a lot of interesting corners that permanent courses don't tend to feature. Right-angle corners are just one of these. Try this one out on the London City Course, but be careful not to hit the crash barriers.

Car: Lotus Evora '09
Track: London

gold.png: 0:14.500
silver.png: 0:15.000
bronze.png: 0:17.000

6. Tackling a Set of Undulating Corners
Practice tackling a set of gentle continuous corners on the opening section of the Trial Mountain circuit. The layout of this section is faily simple, but there are places where sudden elevation changes make it difficult to see the road ahead. Try to reach the finish line without leaving the track.

Car: Mazda Eunos Roadster (NA Special Package) '89
Track: Trial Mountain Circuit

gold.png: 0:19.000
silver.png: 0:19.300
bronze.png: 0:21.000

7. Driving a Mountainous Dirt Track
Practice driving on an unsurfaced dirt track. First of all, you'll be facing a single, straightforward corner. Try to reach the finish line without crashing or losing control. Unsurfaced roads such as these are generally referred to as "dirt" or "gravel" tracks, as opposed to tarmac road surfaces. Dirt has less grip than tarmac, and requires very careful driving.

Car: Ford Focus ST '06
Track: Eiger Nordwand K Trail

gold.png: 0:32.000
silver.png: 0:33.000
bronze.png: 0:34.000

8. Tackling the High Speed “Schumacher S”
Try taking a shallow S-bend at high speed on the famous Nurburgring Schumacher S. The corner itself is fairly straightforward, but the upward slope of the track makes it difficult to spy out a good line. Try to make it through without leaving the track..

Car: BMW Concept 1 Series tii '07
Track: Nurburgring GP/F

gold.png: 0:13.800
silver.png: 0:14.200
bronze.png: 0:16.000

9. Using Braking to Overtake on the Inside of a Corner
Beginning on the final corner of the Fuji Speedway, overtake all three rival cars by the time you reach the finish line, which is situated just after the first corner. If you drive smoothly enough, you should be able to overtake the last car on the way into the first corner. Contact with other cars and leaving the track with both result in instant failure.

Car: Citroen C4 Coupe 2.0VTS '09
Track: Fuji Speedway F

gold.png: 1st
silver.png: 2nd
bronze.png: 3rd

10. High Speed Ring 1-Lap Battle
The final test for the A licence is a 1-lap battle on perennial GT favourite, the High Speed Ring. Overtake as many cars as you can over the course of a single lap.

Car: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X GSR P.P. '07
Track: High Speed Ring

gold.png: 1st
silver.png: 3rd
bronze.png: 9th

National A Licence Rewards
All gold.png: Isuzu 4200R '89 Concept
All silver.png: Mazda Atenza Concept '01
All bronze.png: Nissan mmR Cup Car '01