International C License

1. 1000m Stopping Challenge
Bring the car to a halt as quickly as you can in the stopping area 1000m down the track. The distance to the stopping area is more than twice as long as last time, and the car is much more powerful, so judging when and how hard to brake will be that much more difficult. As before, you'll need to judge your approach to the target area carefully in order not to overrun.

Car: Aston Martin DB9 Coupe '06
Track: The Top Gear Test Track

gold.png: 0:26.700
silver.png: 0:27.000
bronze.png: 0:28.500

2. Hard Braking and Exiting a Corner after a Downhill Straight
Practice approaching a tight corner after a long full acceleration straight on the middle section of the Trial Mountain track. Drive down the track straight, then take the medium-speed left-hand corner as quickly as you can. The key is to decelerate to cornering speed as quickly as possible, and take the most precise cornering line.

Car: BMW M5 '08
Track: Trial Mountain Circuit

gold.png: 0:16.200
silver.png: 0:16.700
bronze.png: 0:19.000

3. Taking a Tight Double Hairpin
Attempt the double hairpin 9th and 10th corners of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course. This is a simple section, comprising two small hairpin bends, but in a high powered rear-wheel drive car, it requires extremely careful accelerator control. Try to reach the finish line without spinning out.

Car: Nissan Fairlady Z (Z34) '08
Track: Road Course - Indy

gold.png: 0:18.300
silver.png: 0:19.000
bronze.png: 0:22.000

4. Early Braking When Driving Downhill on Dirt
Attempt this set of successive hairpin corners set over a dramatic downhill section of track. The entire section features a steep drop, so be mindful of your speed - the key here is how effectively you use your brake.

Car: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX GSR '05
Track: Eiger Nordwand G Trail

gold.png: 0:27.000
silver.png: 0:28.000
bronze.png: 0:32.000

5. High Speed Cornering on the Rome City Course
Attempt the approach to the set of corners after the back straight halfway around the Rome City Course. The corners themselves are relatively simple, but the high speed approach makes skulful braking essential. The aim is to come down to cornering speed while still maintaining a clean approach. Even small mistakes can lead to full-blown crashes here, so this section must be approached very carefully.

Car: Infiniti G35 Coupe '05
Track: Rome

gold.png: 0:18.500
silver.png: 0:19.000
bronze.png: 0:21.000

6. Blind Corners in Wooded Areas
Tackle this poor visibility corner on the middle section of the Deep Forest track. Not only is this a blind corner, there are also no kerbstones on the inside edge, making it difficult to visualise the corner's shape. This makes for a very challenging piece of driving. Get to the finish line as quickly as you can without clipping the barriers or putting all four wheels on the gravel section that borders the track.

Car: Nissan SILVIA spec-R AERO (S15) '02
Track: Deep Forest Raceway

gold.png: 0:11.200
silver.png: 0:11.500
bronze.png: 0:13.500

7. Consecutive Corners with Differing Bank Angles on Dirt
Use the middle section of the Toscana track to practice driving successive corners on dirt. You'll need to clear the technical section, which opens with a tight left turn, as quickly as you can. The shape of the left-hand corner in the latter half makes visibility very poor, and it's very easy to leave the track as a result. You'll need to rive extremely carefully to make it through.

Car: Subaru IMPREZA Sedan WRX Sti '10
Track: Toscana

gold.png: 0:20.000
silver.png: 0:21.000
bronze.png: 0:25.000

8. Traversing Monza Circuit's Notorious Lesmo Corner
Use the Monza circuit's Lesmo corner to get a feel for tackling continuous corners that turn in the same direction. The difficulty in such situations is in getting the timing and angle of your steering right, which can make this kind of corner harder for some people than one which requires the driver to steer back in the opposite direction. However, the theory governing continuous corners does not change - focus on the final one, and you should make it through..

Car: Alfa Romeo Brera Sky Window 3.2 JTS Q4 '06
Track: Autodromo Nazionale Monza

gold.png: 0:21.300
silver.png: 0:22.000
bronze.png: 0:25.500

9. Using Late Braking to Overtake
Beginning from the exit of the hairpin on the Fuji Speedway, overtake all three rival cars before you reach the finish line, which is just after the Dunlop corner. In order to overtake the third car on the Dunlop corner, you'll need to use a technique called "late braking". This involves delaying your braking until just after your opponent, and then turning in. Do your best, and don't crash into or clip the other cars.

Car: Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (C6) '06
Track: Fuji Speedway F

gold.png: 1st
silver.png: 2nd
bronze.png: 3rd

10. Rome City Course 2-Lap Challenge
The final test for the International C Licence is a 2-Lap battle on the Rome City Course. Overtake as many cars as you can over the course of 2 laps.

Car: Ferrari 512BB '76
Track: Rome

gold.png: 1st
silver.png: 3rd
bronze.png: 7th

International C Licence Rewards
All gold.png: Nissan GT-R Concept (Tokyo Motor Show 2001)
All silver.png: Autobacs Garaiya '02
All bronze.png: Acura DN-X Concept '02