International B License

1. Wet Road Stopping Challenge
In this wet-weather braking challenge, you must start off, and then attempt to bring your car to a halt in the stopping area 400m down the track. Grip is drastically reduced in wet conditions due to the layer of water between tyre and road, making acceleration control and judgement of when and how to brake more difficult. Getting this one right may just be a matter of trial and error.

Car: Nissan GT-R SpecV '09
Track: The Top Gear Test Track

gold.png: 0:14.900
silver.png: 0:15.400
bronze.png: 0:16.800

2. Tackling the First Corner of Circuito de Madrid
Attempt the set of corners at the beginning of the Madrid City Course. The corners are a high-speed right followed by a tight left, a left and a blind corner, making this a challenging section. The tight left is particularly tricky, and requires the driver to brake while turning. Use the brakes to bring the weight to the front of the car and turn in, letting the momentum pull you around the corner. As ever, try to reach the finish line without crashing..

Car: Audi R8 5.2 FSI quattro '09
Track: Circuito de Madrid

gold.png: 0:16.000
silver.png: 0:16.500
bronze.png: 0:18.600

3. FR Cone Slalom Challenge
This second cone slalom challenge is in a car with an FR drivetrain. As before, the aim is to reach the finish line without touching any of the cones. Accelerator control is more difficulty in an FR car than an FF, and although the car in which the test is taken is not particularly powerful, clumsy accelerator work will result in loss of control, so care must be taken.

Car: Toyota FT-86 Concept '09
Track: The Top Gear Test Track

gold.png: 0:18.500
silver.png: 0:19.300
bronze.png: 0:22.500

4. Snow Driving-Challenge
Practice your snow driving on the ice-covered corners of the Chamonix track. First of all, you'll be taking on a simple shallow corner. Snow covered roads are even more slippery than dirt, and response will be even more sluggish, so you'll need to control your car even more carefully, and make your control inputs even earlier. Try to reach the finish line without crashing.

Car: Suzuki SX4 WRC '08
Track: Chamonix - Main

gold.png: 0:19.900
silver.png: 0:20.300
bronze.png: 0:23.500

5. High Speed Blind Corners on Tokyo Route 246
Attempt the second and third corners of Tokyo's Route 246 course. These continuous blind corners can be approached at relatively high speed, but there is only one correct line that can be taken through them, and timing and angle need to be judged to perfection. Even the slightest mistake can cause you to clip the track edges, so you'll have to be careful if you want to reach the finish line without crashing.

Car: Honda NXS Type-R '02
Track: Tokyo R246

gold.png: 0:14.200
silver.png: 0:14.500
bronze.png: 0:17.000

6. Tacking the Final Corner at Tsukuba
Attempt the long, sweeping, medium-speed final corner of the Tsukuba circuit. This is a fairly straightforward turn, but careful speed control and a good driving line are key to your success here, and require skill and technique from the driver. Make it to the finish line on the home straight without going too fast and leaving the track.

Car: Toyota SUPRA 3.0GT Turbo A '88
Track: Tsukuba Circuit

gold.png: 0:18.700
silver.png: 0:19.000
bronze.png: 0:22.000

7. Undulating Consecutive High Speed Corners on Dirt
Drive the long, high-speed right-hand corner at the beginning of the Toscana track. It may look simple at first glance, but in addition to its sudden descent and ascent, it also becomes tighter the further round you go, making it more of a challenge than it may seem initially. Drivers will often exit the corner wide, even if their entry was perfect, and you'll need to be careful in order to reach the finish line without crashing or leaving the track.

Car: Ford Focus RS WRC 07 '08
Track: Toscana

gold.png: 0:19.500
silver.png: 0:20.000
bronze.png: 0:23.500

8. The Nurburgring's Notorious Carousel
Here you will attempt the Nurburgring Nordschleife's notorious Carousel corner. This tight looping corner can be taken at high speed compared to a flat hairpin bend thanks to its banked edges, but the rough road surface can make it difficult to retain control. Aim for the finish line, and try not to spin out.

Car: Ferrari F40 '92
Track: Nurburgring Nordschleife

gold.png: 0:17.200
silver.png: 0:17.600
bronze.png: 0:19.000

9. Offensive and Defensive Driving on Tokyo Route 246
This is an overtaking challenge set on the final section of Tokyo's Route 246. Exit the final corner and pass the other cars before you reach the finish line. The distance to the line is short, so it's all about how you negotiate that right-hand corner. You'll have to push yourself to the limit without touching the other cars or crashing.

Car: Honda INSIGHT LS '09
Track: Tokyo R246

gold.png: 1st
silver.png: 2nd
bronze.png: 3rd

10. Deep Forest Raceway 2-Lap Battle
The final test for the International B Licence is, as the name suggests, a 2-lap battle on the tree-lined track of the Deep Forest Raceway. Overtake as many cars as you can over the course of 2 laps.

Car: BMW Z4 M Coupe '08
Track: Deep Forest Raceway

gold.png: 1st
silver.png: 3rd
bronze.png: 7th

International B Licence Rewards
All gold.png: Honda S800 RSC Race Car '68
All silver.png: Mitsubishi HSR-II Concept '89
All bronze.png: Mazda Eunos Roadster J-LIMITED (NA) '91