B Spec

B-Spec is the same in terms of the racing events available to you. The key difference here is the prize cars and number of laps per race. Also obviously you don't need to do anything but give your driver a few simple commands every once in a while.

B-Spec Series List:

Beginner Series

-Sunday Cup
-FF Challenge
-World Compact
-Light Weight Cup
-Japanese Classic
-Vitz Race
-European Classic Car Championship
-World Classic Car Series
-FR Challenge

Amateur Series

-Clubman Cup
-European Hot Hatch Championship
-NRA Roadster
-Sport Trucks
-Japanese 90s Challenge
-Tous France Championnat
-Festival Championship
-Classic Muscle Car Championship
-Supercar Championship

Professional Series

-Mini challenge (minis)
-Muscle car championship
-Supercar festival
-Lupo gti
-sports car cup:80's festival
-Lamborghini exclusive
-British lightweights
-la festa cavallino
-Gran Turismo world tour

Expert Series

-Tuning Car Grand Prix
-Schwarzwald league A (German cars only)
-MR Sports Cup
-Historic Racing Car Cup
-Turbo, Race of Turbo Sports
-Gallardo Trophy
-(Japanese writing, cant see what this is till a few more levels)
-Gran Turismo All Stars
-Polyphony Digital Cup

Extreme Series

Endurance Series

B-Spec Beginner

Sunday Cup: Toyota Yaris U Euro Sport Edition (J) '00 (S)
FF Cup: Honda Civic TYPE R (EK) '97 (P)
FR Challenge: Toyota FT-86 G Concept'10 SPORTS (P)
European Classic Car Championship: Fiat 500 F '65 (S)
World Classic Car Series: Volkswagen Beetle 1100 Standard (Type-11) '49 (S)
Light Weight K Cup: Daihatsu Move SR-XX 4WD'97 (S)
Vitz Race: Toyota Prius G '09 (P)
World Compact Car Race: Autobianchi A112 Abarth '79 (S)
Japanese Classics: Isuzu 117 Coupe '68 (S)
Beginner events complete: Gift Car Ticket Level 5

B-Spec Amateur

Clubman Cup: TRD Celica TRD Sports M (ZZT231) ‘00 (S)
Euro Hot Hatch League: Volkswagen Lupo Cup Car ‘00 (S)
NR-A Roadster Cup: Mazda Furai Concept’08 (S)
Sport Truck Race: Daihatsu Midget II D type '98 (S)
Japanese 90's Challenge: Mazda 323F ‘93 (S)
Classic Muscle Car Championship: Shelby AC Cobra 427 ‘66 (P)
Festival Italia: Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Spéciale ‘63 (S)
Supercar Nostalgia Cup: DMC DeLorean S2 ‘04 (S)
Tous France: Alpine A110 1600 ‘73 (S)
Amateur events complete: Gift Car Ticket Level 9

B-Spec Professional

Mini Challenge: MARCOS Mini Marcos’70 (S)
Muscle Car Championship: Ford Mustang GT '05 (S)
Supercar Festival: Hyundai Clix Concept '01 (S)
Lupo Cup: Volkswagen Lupo GTI '01 (S)
Japanese 80's Festival: Isuzu PIAZZA XE '81 (S)
la Festa Cavillino: Ferrari F40 '92 (P)
British Lightweight: Lotus Elan S1 '62 (S)
Lamborghini Exclusive: Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary '88 (S)
GT World Championship: Pagani Zonda R '09 (P)
Professional events complete: Gift Car Ticket Level 12

B-Spec Expert

Tuning Car Grand Prix: AEM Honda S2000 (P)
Schwarzwald League A: Opel Speedster '00 (S)
Historic Racing Car Cup: Alfa Romeo GIULIA TZ2 carrozzata da ZAGATO CN.AR750106 ‘65 (P)
Trofeo Gallardo: Lancia Stratos '73 (S)
MR Sports Cup: Cadillac CIEN Concept '02 (S)
Turbo Race: Honda City Turbo II '83 (S)
Japanese Championship: Opera Performance 350Z (S)
Gran Turismo All Stars: NISMO 380RS Super Leggera (P)
Polyphony Digital Cup: Gran Turismo Skyline GT-R '01 (S)
Expert events complete: Gift Car Ticket Level 17

B-Spec Extreme

Schwarzwald League B: Nuvolari Quattro '03 (S)
Like The Wind: Toyota 7 Race Car '70 (S)
B-Spec NASCAR Extreme: Mercury Cougar XR-7 '67 (S)
European Championship: BMW Concept 1 Series tii '07 (P)
Super GT: Toyota Castrol TOM's Supra '97 (P)
German Touring Car Championship: Audi Quattro '82 (S)
American Championship: Chevrolet SSR '03 (S)
Formula GT: Suzuki GSX-R/4 Concept '01 (S)
Dream Car Championship: GT by Citroen Race Car (P)
Extreme events complete: Gift Car Ticket Level 21

B-Spec Endurance

Grand Valley 300km: Honda DUALNOTE Concept '01 (S)
Roadster 4 hours: Mazda 110S (L10A) '67 (S)
Laguna Seca 200 miles: Camaro IROC-Z Concept '88 (S)
Indy 500: Ford GT40 Race Car '69 (S)
Suzuka 1000km: Nissan Fairlady Z-Concept LM Race Car (S)
Nurburgring 4h: Lexus IS F Racing Concept ‘08 (P)
Tsukuba 9h: Amuse S2000 GT1 ‘04 (P)
Le Mans 24h: Toyota GT-One Race Car (TS020) (S)
Nurburgring 24h: