A-Spec Races

Things to be added to this page:
- Tracks for each Race Event
- Prize cars
- Prize money
- Extreme Racing Events are not filled in yet
- Endurance Racing Events are not filled in yet

Beginner Series
-Sunday Cup
-FF Challenge
-World Compact
-Light Weight Cup
-Vitz Race
-European Classic Car Championship
-World Classic Car Series
-FR Challenge

Amateur Series (Unlocks: Level 5)
-Clubman Cup
-European Hot Hatch Championship
-NRA Roadster
-Sport Trucks
-Japanese 90s Challenge
-Tous France Championnat
-Festival Championship
-Classic Muscle Car Championship
-Supercar Championship

Professional Series (Unlocks: Level 10)
-Mini challenge (minis)
-Muscle car championship
-Supercar festival
-Lupo gti
-sports car cup:80's festival
-Lamborghini exclusive
-British lightweights
-la festa cavallino
-Gran Turismo world tour

Expert Series (Unlocks: Level 15)
-Tuning Car Grand Prix
-Schwarzwald league A (German cars only)
-MR Sports Cup
-Historic Racing Car Cup
-Turbo, Race of Turbo Sports
-Gallardo Trophy
-(Japanese writing, cant see what this is till a few more levels)
-Gran Turismo All Stars
-Polyphony Digital Cup

Extreme Series (Unlocks: Level 20)
Endurance Series (Unlocks: Level 25)